Patricia J. Harned

Patricia Harned is chief executive officer of the Ethics & Compliance Initiative (ECI) in Arlington. The mission of the ECI is to empower organisations to build and sustain high-quality ethics and compliance programmes. The ECI is an alliance of three non-profit organisations: the Ethics Research Center (ERC), the Ethics & Compliance Association (ECA) and the Ethics & Compliance Certification Institute (ECCI). Dr. Harned chaired the ECI’s Blue Ribbon Panel on High-Quality Ethics & Compliance Programs, which established a new industry standard for effective ethics and compliance efforts in organisations. She has served as a consultant to many leading organisations, among them Penn State University, Daimler AG, and the New York Stock Exchange. Dr. Harned has testified before Congress and the U.S. Sentencing Commission, and she has provided briefings to U.S. Secretary of Defense Ash Carter, the OSHA Whistleblower Protection Advisory Committee, and the Federal Bar Council on strategies to increase effective reporting of suspected organisational misconduct.

Latest Articles by Patricia Harned

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    13 September, 2017

    Corporate culture: five questions for the boardroom

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    14 December, 2017

    Lead by example: the many benefits of ethical leadership

    Ethical leadership can help avoid corporate crises if it is embraced by boards that are increasingly less tolerant of reputational risk.

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    1 April, 2021

    What scandal is waiting to be exposed at your company?

    Non-compliant conduct is already taking place somewhere inside your operations. And scandal is one of your greatest business risks.