Nuno Fernandes

Nuno Fernandes is professor of finance at IESE Business School. He is also the chairman of the board of auditors of the Portuguese Central Bank (Banco de Portugal), non-executive (member of audit committee) at the European Investment Bank, and a research associate of the European Corporate Governance Institute.

Latest Articles by Nuno Fernandes

  1. climate risks to create value

    28 May, 2024

    How to navigate climate risks to create value

    The board has a pivotal role in steering a company through climate change, with resilience, innovation and long-term value to play for.

  1. sustainability agendas

    30 October, 2023

    Deploying M&A to advance sustainability agendas

    ‘Sustainability considerations are becoming increasingly important in M&As. Companies that fail to properly assess and manage their sustainability risks and opportunities can face significant financial and reputational consequences.’

  1. Climate finance

    23 May, 2023

    How climate change alters the financial landscape

    To achieve sustainability, companies and boards will need to look not only to their operations, but also to their finances.

  1. General Electric logo on a GE aviation facility in Cincinnati

    17 December, 2021

    What the decline of General Electric can teach us about M&As

    GE has been pursuing M&As for over 20 years—with disastrous outcomes. A closer look reveals obvious governance failures.

  1. M&A, mergers and acquisitions

    8 June, 2020

    How failed M&A can destroy a director’s credibility

    Mergers and acquisitions (M&As) are some of the most challenging and risky endeavours board members encounter—so make sure you know the pitfalls.