Nigel Sleigh-Johnson

Dr Nigel Sleigh-Johnson FCA is head of the ICAEW’s Financial Reporting Faculty. He is also secretary to the ICAEW's Financial Reporting Committee, and is responsible for ICAEW policy on financial reporting and its commentary on consultations issued by the IASB and other bodies.

Latest Articles by Nigel Sleigh-Johnson

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    26 June, 2017

    What’s next for corporate reporting: the technology question

    The future of corporate reporting is a subject attracting much debate and activity in recent years. A new report from the ICAEW captures the views of key stakeholders, and finds that technology is central to the discussion.

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    7 April, 2021

    Audit and assurance policies: innovative ideas for change

    Trusted corporate information is vital as firms and stakeholders assess the impact of both climate change and Covid-19 on business strategies.