Navdeep Arora

Navdeep Arora is a PhD candidate at the University of Exeter Business School, and holds an MBA from Harvard University. Navdeep served as a senior partner of McKinsey & Company for 16 years, partner and global head of insurance strategy practice at KPMG for three years, a product manager for PepsiCo for six years, and an advisor to VC firms and digital start-ups most recently. His areas of interest are innovation, strategy, reputation management, and professional misconduct & ethics.

Latest Articles by Navdeep Arora

  1. Misconduct or ethical lapses are more lekly when people are under stress

    3 August, 2020

    How the impact of Covid-19 could cause an epidemic of misconduct

    The risk of professional misconduct and ethical lapses increases in stressful situations. Organisations should be aware of the contributing factors.