Natalia Karelaia

Natalia Karelaia is an associate professor of decision sciences at INSEAD where she teaches negotiations and managerial decision making. Professor Karelaia’s research combines psychology and economics to understand how people make decisions and to help them improve their decision making. Among other topics, she investigates the effect of competition on motivation, trust, risk taking, and unethical behaviour. Her current research seeks ways to promote prosocial behaviour.

Latest Articles by Natalia Karelaia

  1. Business behaviour, ethics

    1 November, 2016

    Empowerment, not punishment, fuels ethical behaviour

    To promote ethical behaviour, companies should emphasise community, not just consequences.

  1. Woman laughing

    31 July, 2020

    Real deal: the advantages of being (seen as) authentic at work

    The pressure is on for organisations to allow individuals to be more authentic in the workplace. What exactly is authenticity—and how do we move towards it?

  1. man with a torch in a dark forest

    27 October, 2020

    Leadership in wicked times

    Wicked problems involve complex dynamics and are seemingly impossible to solve effectively. They require new leadership approaches.