Nada Kakabadse

Nada Kakabadse is professor of policy, governance and ethics at Henley Business School. Nada has undertaken consulting work for a number of international organisations, government departments and private sector clients. She is also a visiting professor at various academic establishments, has co-authored 19 books, contributed 75 chapters to international volumes and published more than 150 scholarly articles.

Latest Articles by Nada Kakabadse

  1. gender diversity, gender quotas, gender equality

    28 February, 2018

    Board gender diversity requires a diversity of attitude

    A spotlight has shone on showbusiness since the beginning of the #metoo campaign, but how can women feel empowered and make a difference in boardrooms?

  1. banks, banking

    14 September, 2018

    Action needed now on banking fraud and the erosion of trust

    Privatisation and self-regulation has created a financial services sector in the west that is rife with fraud and other criminal activity, says professor Nada Kakabadse of Henley Business School.

  1. chemistry, testosterone, hormone replacement therapy, hrt

    21 September, 2018

    The chemistry of leadership: can hormone replacement therapy help?

    Does hormone replacement therapy (HRT) hold the answers to helping executives counter stress and act more effectively as they age? Nada and Andrew Kakabadse explore how testosterone and other supplements can support top team decision-making.

  1. Volkswagen, organisational reputation

    5 February, 2020

    How boards can learn to talk about ‘unspeakable’ issues

    Most boards become paralysed when faced with a threat to organisational reputation. Chairs must plan carefully to put unwelcome issues on the agenda.

  1. Questions, question mark

    11 February, 2020

    Questions non-execs should ask before joining the board

    Before you accept the nomination, conduct an informal audit to ensure you understand the board dynamics, your responsibilities and how you can add value.