Mark Goyder

Mark Goyder is founder of Tomorrow’s Company and senior adviser to the Board Intelligence Think Tank. He is the author, with Ong Boon Hwee, of Entrusted, Stewardship for Responsible Wealth Creation, published by World Scientific in 2020. 

Latest Articles by Mark Goyder

  1. define ESG

    12 October, 2022

    Can ESG be saved?

    There’s a storm brewing. We need to radically change the definition of governance if ESG is going to survive it.

  1. Football fan with scarf

    3 March, 2022

    Stewardship goals: creating value, responsibly, with a sense of purpose

    Stewardship starts with the character of the company, and at its core is the idea that a business is conducted to meet human and social needs.

  1. Businessman holding image of a stomach

    1 November, 2021

    Good governance relies on gut instinct, not just rules

    The DNA of companies varies significantly. This would suggest that there are many criteria of good governance.