Marie-Louise Clayton

Marie-Louise completed a 30-year career in industry in 2008 to work as a professional non-executive across a variety of sectors. She holds/has held non-executive board roles at Forth Ports, Zotefoams, Ocean Rig, Geoffrey Osborne and Clarkson plc. Her background is in law and then finance and she has worked in a number of sectors, including telecommunications, engineering, manufacturing, power and oil and gas. Marie-Louise’s last executive role was as finance director of Venture Production.

Latest Articles by Marie-Louise Clayton

  1. Boardroom

    24 August, 2015

    So you want to chair an audit committee?

    Chairing an audit committee is a natural progression for many non-executives. But what’s involved in stepping up to supervise the auditors and the accounts?

  1. Brexit, EU, Union Jack, flags

    5 April, 2019

    Boardroom lessons from Brexit

    Comment: Negotiations to leave the EU have proved enormously complex and have exposed major fault lines in British politics. But the process has also been instructive about the challenges and principles of leadership. Our commentators discuss the lessons they take from events so far.