Louise Kjellerup Roper

Louise Kjellerup Roper is the CEO of Volans and a passionate advocate for business driving positive change. Louise started her career in the tech industry at industry leaders such as Cisco, Logitech, IBM and Check Point Software Technologies. Since then she has been successfully launching, running and advising cradle-to-cradle and circular economy brands across Europe. Louise lectures at Cranfield University’s Centre for Design, Innovation and Sustainability and at Exeter Business School, where she is also on the Industrial Advisory Board. She is also on the Advisory board of the Global CO2 Initiative, run by the University of Michigan and the Carbon to Value Fund.

Latest Articles by Louise Kjellerup Roper

  1. world map representing new capitalism, bail-outs

    21 January, 2020

    How boards can help shape the future of capitalism

    Many of the risks affecting companies today are systemic. Responses that focus solely on improving individual business performance are inadequate.