Linda Lee-Davies

Linda Lee-Davies is a senior, commercial academic and leadership specialist with a particular interest in intergenerational leadership and the impact of technology on corporate culture. Linda has extensive experience in the provision of on-site, blended and distance-learning executive training and development for a wide range of global corporate clients. She has also run and designed university MBAs for large, local, national and international mixed cohorts for over ten years and was awarded for outstanding achievement having brought essential commercial elements to academic provision and procedures. Linda has secured large corporate training contracts for accreditation for universities, including a ‘paperless’ MBA. She has also designed and validated a number of masters courses as well as provided business consultancy for a range of SMEs. Prior to that, she held a senior position with a large recruitment firm running a £10m section of their business across the UK.

Latest Articles by Linda Lee-Davies

  1. Brexit, EU, Union Jack, flags

    5 April, 2019

    Boardroom lessons from Brexit

    Comment: Negotiations to leave the EU have proved enormously complex and have exposed major fault lines in British politics. But the process has also been instructive about the challenges and principles of leadership. Our commentators discuss the lessons they take from events so far.