Lars-Erik Forsgårdh

Lars-Erik Forsgårdh (known as 'LEF') has extensive experience of chairing boards of different types of companies and organisations, as well as being a member of boards in both listed and non-listed companies. He is a current board member and former chairman of ecoDa (the European Confederation of Directors' Associations). He is also chairman of the Swedish Academy of Board Directors and chairman of the Swedish Society of Share Promotion, an organisation that annually informs 25,000 students how to invest in stocks and mutual funds. LEF has a PhD in Finance and Accounting from the Stockholm School of Economics where he worked as teacher and researcher. He is a former managing director of the Swedish Shareholders' Association and cofounder of Euroshareholders. LEF was also a member of the Swedish Corporate Governance Board.

Latest Articles by Lars-Erik

  1. European flag

    6 January, 2016

    Fostering the principle

    High-quality explanations for deviation from corporate governance codes are needed if the "comply or explain" principle is to take root across the EU.