Kieran Moynihan

Kieran Moynihan is managing partner of Board Excellence, and an experienced chairman and leading thinker in the area of board dynamics and performance. He has more than 18 years' experience serving on boards as a CEO executive director, non-executive director and chairman, and is currently the chairman of a number of internationally focused companies across a number of industry sectors. Kieran has written and presented extensively on the unique challenges of achieving a high-performance board of directors, and he supports boards in companies, organisations and non-profits in Ireland, the UK and Europe.

Latest Articles by Kieran Moynihan

  1. Red Arrows, high-performing teams, board performance, board effectiveness, teamwork, PLC board performance

    10 August, 2017

    View from the chair: Kieran Moynihan on PE versus PLC board performance

    Private equity boards are often viewed as high-performing teams, but Kieran Moynihan, chairman of Board Excellence, explores whether PLC boardrooms could do just as well.

  1. Live board streaming, Board Excellence, broadcasting

    21 June, 2018

    Why there is a case for live video streaming of boardroom meetings

    If boardroom meetings were streamed live for investors, would there be an improvement in board performance? Kieran Moynihan of Board Excellence says radical steps like this are necessary to improve corporate accountability.

  1. Brexit, EU, Union Jack, flags

    5 April, 2019

    Boardroom lessons from Brexit

    Comment: Negotiations to leave the EU have proved enormously complex and have exposed major fault lines in British politics. But the process has also been instructive about the challenges and principles of leadership. Our commentators discuss the lessons they take from events so far.