Kester Scrope

Kester Scrope is the CEO of Odgers Berndtson's UK and Asian Offices. His career began in industry within the paper and packaging sector and he has held various senior positions within the Mondi division of Anglo American. He has consulted to a wide range of businesses in sectors as diverse as engineering, motor racing, healthcare and shipping. He is also member of the Advisory Council of TheCityUK.

Latest Articles by Kester Scrope

  1. Kester Scrope, Isabelle Mettan-Ure, CEOx1Day, Odgers Berndtson

    15 July, 2019

    CEOx1Day: Giving future leaders a taste of the top job

    Odgers Berndtson initiative CEOx1Day allows students to experience leadership by shadowing a top chief executive. CEO Kester Scrope and student Isabelle Mettan-Ure describe their day together.