Kerrie Waring

Kerrie is executive director of the International Corporate Governance Network (ICGN) and is responsible for delivering ICGN’s extensive work programme of policy representation, international conferences, education and guidance across 50 markets.

Latest Articles by kerriewaring

  1. Japan, stewardship code, Abenomics

    11 June, 2018

    Japan’s wave of governance reform is welcomed, and isn’t over yet

    Abenomics—or “Japan’s Revitalisation Strategy”—is awakening the concept of investor stewardship and focusing the minds of Japan’s corporate elite on how to improve governance standards.

  1. Japan, stewardship code, Abenomics

    13 November, 2017

    Origins of investor stewardship and the Japan code

    Abenomics brought a host of changes to Japan, not least the introduction of a new stewardship code for investors. The code is now being updated with new guidance, explains Kerrie Waring of the ICGN.

  1. Snapchat, differential share ownership, IPO

    30 March, 2017

    Why one share, one vote is the best long-term investment option

    Differential share ownership has become a preoccupation with some tech companies but, argues Kerrie Waring, there’s little evidence that it helps companies plan for the long term.