Jonathan Labrey

Jonathan Labrey is chief strategy officer at the IIRC, leading its global policy work, which aims to create the conditions for integrated reporting to flourish. Since joining the IIRC in March 2012, Jonathan has travelled widely and has developed a deep insight into the major trends and policy developments in corporate reporting across the world.   Jonathan has a background in government relations, policy and regulation, having headed up the public affairs and policy team at the ICAEW from 2004–10 and at the RIBA from 2000–2004. 

Latest Articles by Jonathan Labrey

  1. Team of people linking hands at sunrise

    29 January, 2021

    Why 2021 is a year of opportunity for boards to build business resilience

    Integrated thinking connects companies to the needs of their stakeholders, which fosters business resilience and creates long-term value.

  1. ESG, environment, sustainability

    9 August, 2019

    Better Alignment Project maps the road to sustainability

    Participants in the Corporate Reporting Dialogue have concluded a global market consultation on building better alignment between reporting frameworks.

  1. UN SDGs, Sustainable Development Goals

    5 July, 2019

    Integrated reporting: a framework for a more sustainable future

    The International Integrated Reporting Framework will help companies translate their commitment to the UN Sustainable Development Goals into business models and corporate purpose.

  1. sustainable business, sustainable growth, green economy, sustainable development

    6 November, 2017

    Sustainable development means securing the future of business

    It’s time to recognise that sustainable development is a strategic issue that can secure the future of business, as well as securing a better future for people and planet, says Jonathan Labrey of the IIRC.