John Morrison

John has been CEO of the Institute for Human Rights and Business (IHRB) since its formation in 2009. John leads IHRB’s global strategy, fundraising, and outreach. John previously directed the Business Leaders Initiative on Human Rights; was head of public affairs for The Body Shop International; and before this worked in the field of refugee protection (in relation to the former Yugoslavia and on issues of human trafficking).

Latest Articles by John Morrison

  1. Sign at protest after the death of George Floyd

    4 November, 2020

    Can business leaders be more effective human rights advocates?

    Businesses are increasingly expected to engage with societal issues. Boards will need new skills to meet the challenge.

  1. supermarket, essential worker

    30 March, 2020

    Who is an ‘essential worker’ at times of crisis?

    Many workers deemed essential are on low wages and zero-hour contracts. This crisis is a reminder that we should value workers in all parts of the economy.

  1. 2020 sign

    2 January, 2020

    Key trends in corporate governance for 2020

    Five leading voices in corporate governance explain their priorities—and predictions—for the year ahead.