James McAlister

James McAlister, MA DipBCM DipEd FBCI FICPEM, is the director of Crisis Prepared Limited, an organisational resilience consultancy and vice chair of the Business Continuity Institute. He is a former police officer with over 30 years experience in business continuity, civil protection, crisis and major incident management. James specialises in developing and facilitated training programmes and exercises throughout the UK and internationally for a diverse array of topics including political party conferences, major sporting events, counter terrorism operations, VIP visits, public order events, environmental / man-made disasters and more recently cyber-attacks and active shooter scenarios.

Latest Articles by James McAlister

  1. Cybercrime, data protection, GDPR, cybersecurity

    19 December, 2016

    Cyber threat: how the board can prepare & mitigate risk

    Attacks on the IT infrastructure of major companies hit the headlines on an almost daily basis. James McAlister argues the risk can be mitigated, but boards need to stay informed and ensure their organisations are prepared.