Ifedapo Francis Awolowo

Dr Ifedapo Francis Awolowo is an accounting academic with research interest in Forensic Accounting, Corporate Governance, Mergers and Acquisition, Audit Quality and Degree Attainment Gap. He teaches forensic accounting and corporate governance at both undergraduate and postgraduate level. He is the course leader for MSc Forensic Accounting, MSc Accounting & Finance and MSc Financial Management at Sheffield Hallam University. He is a forensic accountant by training with a Certified Fraud Examiner credential.

Latest Articles by Ifedapo Francis Awolowo

  1. Auditing problems at Wirecard

    27 July, 2020

    Audit keeps failing—here’s why a fundamental change is needed

    The frequency with which companies fail—seemingly without any warning signs—has grown in recent years, with Wirecard the latest example. Auditing needs reform.