Hellmut Schutte

Professor Hellmut Schütte is emeritus professor of international management at INSEAD. He was distinguished professor of management and European chair for global governance and Sino-European business relations at CEIBS in Shanghai, China, from 2009–15, and subsequently dean emeritus. Professor Schütte is based in Singapore and continues to work in the area of international management with special focus on Asia. His present focus is on the competition between emerging countries’ firms and traditional multinationals. He is actively involved in the discussion of the emergence of China and the economic and political consequences for the world.

Latest Articles by Hellmut Schutte

  1. covid-19 leadership flattening the curve

    26 May, 2020

    What Covid-19 data can—and can’t—tell us about leadership

    Some governments, especially those led by women, have dealt with the pandemic better than others. So what can Covid-19 teach us about leadership?