Ciarán Fenton

Ciarán Fenton is a leadership consultant, board evaluator and adviser to CXOs, NEDs and lawyers-as-leaders. He facilitates high EQ/ESG based decision-making by working with the interdependence between the personal and organisational purpose, strategy and behaviour (PSB) of each client board member and their boards. Since 2002 he has worked with individuals and organisations—listed, private, third, public—using his model, The Fenton Model, which is an approach to self-management he has developed over many years of practice that provides senior leaders with the thinking and tools to achieve a small change in their behaviour and that of each member of their senior leadership team by negotiating relationship contracts with them. During his early career he held senior business leadership roles at Hachette, ITN, Pearson and The Guardian Media Group, in which he was involved in change programmes. Ciarán is a mentor at London Business School, a faculty member on Paul Gilbert’s LBCambridge2 in-house counsel programme, and a regular speaker, writer and pamphleteer on board behaviour and performance issues.

Latest Articles by Ciaran Fenton

  1. Labour leader Sir Keir Starmer

    24 May, 2022

    Why emotional intelligence is essential for successful leadership

    Cold logic is not a vote winner for politicians or board members. Sir Keir Starmer needs to focus on his feelings.