Chris Hodge

Chris Hodge is a policy adviser to ICSA: The Governance Institute in the UK. For ten years until 2014 Chris was director of corporate governance at the UK’s Financial Reporting Council. He was responsible for developing and promoting the UK Corporate Governance Code, and for introducing the first national stewardship code for investors in 2010. Between 2014 and 2016, Chris was the FRC’s strategy director. Chris established, and chaired until 2015, the European Corporate Governance Codes Network, which brings together the bodies responsible for codes in 28 European countries. In addition to ICSA, Chris also advises Nestor Advisors, a specialist governance consultancy.

Latest Articles by Chris Hodge

  1. Untangling concepts

    22 February, 2017

    Untangling corporate governance

    The UK's Corporate Governance Code has remained largely unchanged since its introduction in 1992. Chris Hodge examines how we can realign its purpose to match today's expectations of what it ought to achieve.

  1. future boards, future boardroom

    17 June, 2019

    Shaping the boards of the future

    The world of work and business has changed fundamentally over the past 30 years, giving boards a range of new responsibilities. How should board structure evolve to reflect this new environment?