Beatrice Richez-Baum

Béatrice Richez-Baum is director general of ecoDa, the European Confederation of Directors Associations. She advocates the interests of European board members by developing close working relationships with the EU institutions and European peer organisations. Béatrice is responsible for the day-to-day management of the confederation, the smooth integration of its members and the organisation of a European education programme for directors. She is also a board member of the European Society of Association Executives (ESAE).

Latest Articles by Beatrice Richez-Baum

  1. Directors planning strategy

    2 February, 2021

    Why directors should make compliance a strategic exercise

    Compliance is no longer simply a question of rules, but of anticipating societal expectations and reflecting them in your corporate strategy.

  1. due diligence, global supply chains

    9 September, 2019

    Strategic shifts are needed to ensure due diligence in global supply chains

    Boards must set the tone for due diligence as consumers and regulators scrutinise how firms address environmental and human rights risks in supply chains.

  1. organisational models, people, employees

    26 May, 2019

    Organisational models: why teal is the new colour of business

    Is corporate governance being used to resolve the agency problem and shift companies to new organisational models? Recent reforms suggest this is happening, even if it is not intended—and the future looks teal.