Barry Oliver

Barry Oliver is associate professor at the University of Queensland Business School. His undergraduate degree is in commerce from the University of Newcastle, north of Sydney. However, he began his academic career at Monash University while completing a master's in economics. Barry moved to ANU in 1992 as a lecturer, and began publishing research, mainly empirical work in capital markets, such as stock and derivative markets. He was one of the first academics to publish work on volatility smiles in Australian option pricing. He completed a PhD in financial risk management in 2001. Barry's studies in psychology have allowed him to undertake research in finance with a more psychological influence. This has resulted in publications in journals such as the Journal of Banking and Finance, amongst others. Barry moved to the University of Queensland in 2013.

Latest Articles by Barry Oliver

  1. 19 December, 2016

    Overconfident CEOs are less socially responsible

    Research reveals that the more confident a chief executive is, “the less their firm invests in activity that has a positive impact on society”.