Avi Shankar

Avi Shankar is professor of consumer research at the School of Management—University of Bath, and visiting professor at Stockholm University Business School. Avi is interested in what people do with stuff and what stuff does to people. How do people use stuff, what does this stuff mean to them, how is this stuff integrated into their everyday lives and what does this stuff do to or for them? And by stuff, he's not limited to just studying the material or tangible things you can buy in shops, but also leisure activities, like dance or surf culture, or anything that provides us with an experience—pleasant or unpleasant.

Latest Articles by Avi Shankar

  1. patagonia-factory

    30 November, 2016

    Patagonia: the business of virtue

    If Patagonia’s business model is a paragon of virtue, should more companies follow suit?