Anthony Fitzsimmons

Anthony read engineering at Cambridge, then became a solicitor specialising in international liability and insurance law. During two decades as a partner in one of the leading legal specialists in the handling of international disasters, he refined strategies to prioritise and reconcile the reputational, humanitarian, commercial, legal and insurance issues arising in crises. He also advised major brands in the wake of severe adverse events. Following his retirement from the law, Anthony founded Reputability, of which he is chairman. He is co-author of "Roads to Ruin", the Cass Business School report for Airmic and, with Derek Atkins, of "Rethinking Reputational Risk: How to Manage the Risks that can Ruin Your Business, Your Reputation and You".

Latest Articles by Anthony Fitzsimmons

  1. balancing act, risk management, crisis, crisis management, risk

    4 December, 2017

    Risk management: prevention is better than cure

    The real skill in risk management is not preventing past crises from recurring, but learning from them and identifying root causes to prevent them happening at all, explains Anthony Fitzsimmons of Reputability.

  1. corporate culture

    12 October, 2018

    Steps to strengthen boardroom culture, reputation and risk

    The revamped governance code and guidance amount to a demand for cultural change in the boardroom. But how should boards change in order to better manage the risks associated with poor corporate culture?