Anna Hirai

Anna is vice president, ESG advisory at SquareWell Partners. She is an ESG specialist who started her career as a research consultant at a strategic marketing consultancy based in London. Prior to joining SquareWell, Anna was an ESG research analyst at Vigeo Eiris, an affiliate of Moody's, where she rated listed companies' ESG practice and performance. During her time at Vigeo Eiris, Anna gained a deep understanding of key sustainability issues, ranging from human rights to climate change, and learned how such issues affect companies' sustainable growth.  

Latest Articles by Anna Hirai

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    1 December, 2020

    Does your board have the ESG skills they need for future success?

    2020 has been a pivotal year in which even sceptical leaders have been forced to reckon with ESG's vital role in business strategy.