Angeli Benham

Angela Benham is responsible for overseeing the governance of UK companies in general retail, food & drug retail, food producers, household goods, tobacco, beverage, media, and REITs sectors. Governance covers all aspects from board succession, effectiveness, diversity, executive remuneration to their enviromental and social policies. Angela enjoys helping companies to shape their remuneration policy to meet the right balance between satisfying the needs of long term shareholders and the need to provide appropriate reward for management. Angeli is also interested to learn what the companies in my sector are doing to help alleviate the environmental and social presurres faced globally.

Latest Articles by Angeli Benham

  1. Pay inequality, remuneration, executive pay, performance pay, executive rewards

    20 December, 2016

    Mind the (pay) gap

    The gulf between executive and employee pay is widening, but nomination and remuneration committees should exercise restraint, argues Angeli Benham of Legal & General.