Andrew Kakabadse

Professor Andrew Kakabadse is an internationally renowned expert on boards, top team management and leadership. A professor of governance and strategic leadership at Henley Business School, he is currently working on a major global study of boardroom effectiveness and governance practice.

Latest Articles by Andrew Kakabadse

  1. reputation

    5 April, 2024

    Ignore reputation at your peril

    Corporate reputation is critical, yet 67% of board directors fail to speak up in the face of entirely foreseeable crises.

  1. ceo pay

    27 March, 2024

    Why CEO pay hikes are not wise

    Bigger executive pay packets will not fix underperforming organisations. It’s a long game and needs a longer-term solution.

  1. advisory board

    21 February, 2024

    The pros and cons of advisory boards

    Advisory boards give independent advice to the statutory directors. But where does it leave governance if their independence is compromised?

  1. ai governance

    30 January, 2024

    AI is about governance, not tech

    The potential of artificial intelligence is huge, as are the pitfalls. Here’s how to get to grips with the governance required.

  1. cryptocurrencies

    9 October, 2023

    Beware of cryptocurrencies

    Cryptocurrencies promised a freer marketplace but bring unforeseen exposure to economic, technological and security concerns.