Andrew Kakabadse

Professor Andrew Kakabadse is an internationally renowned expert on boards, top team management and leadership. A professor of governance and strategic leadership at Henley Business School, he is currently working on a major global study of boardroom effectiveness and governance practice.

Latest Articles by Andrew Kakabadse

  1. effective chair

    15 November, 2022

    How to chair the board more effectively

    As boards respond to pressure for immediate results and compliance, a smart chair can help directors to focus on strategic, long-term success.

  1. cyber disclosure

    15 August, 2022

    Are cyber disclosure demands too high?

    Organisations increasingly struggle with cybersecurity as they balance fear of reputational damage against cyber disclosure requirements.

  1. AI thinker

    18 May, 2022

    AI decision-making presents new ethical risks

    Businesses are allowing artificial intelligence to make decisions that need a human touch. Boards must balance the risks and benefits.

  1. Employees meeting in the workplace

    31 March, 2022

    Meaning at work: the value of workplace rituals

    Many workers are struggling to find inspiration and purpose post-pandemic. Leaders must nurture workforce rituals that create meaning.

  1. Businessman looks at green graph showing growth

    21 December, 2021

    Financial reporting must show real impact—and costs—of ESG activities

    To make ESG activities meaningful, IFRS and GAAP should feature data that is relevant to long-term corporate and societal value creation.