Andrew Kakabadse

Professor Andrew Kakabadse is an internationally renowned expert on boards, top team management and leadership. A professor of governance and strategic leadership at Henley Business School, he is currently working on a major global study of boardroom effectiveness and governance practice.

Latest Articles by Andrew Kakabadse

  1. AI

    4 August, 2023

    What boards really need to know about AI

    Artificial intelligence will affect organisations everywhere, and the greatest step forward for boards will be in terms of trust.

  1. strategy delivery on track

    14 July, 2023

    How to keep strategy delivery on track

    There are ‘fracture points’ that threaten to derail strategy delivery, so listening to colleagues’ views on competitive advantage is vital.

  1. corporate apology

    19 June, 2023

    Do you know when to say sorry?

    The days of ‘Never apologise, never explain’ are gone: a leader’s well-positioned apology has become a crucial corporate communications tool.

  1. future risk

    5 December, 2022

    Listen up—and get a feel for future risk

    In a world rife with conflict, boards can develop valuable strategic opportunities from the geopolitical knowledge of their general managers.

  1. effective chair

    15 November, 2022

    How to chair the board more effectively

    As boards respond to pressure for immediate results and compliance, a smart chair can help directors to focus on strategic, long-term success.