Andrew Linden

Andrew Linden is sessional/ PhD (Management) candidate at the School of Management, RMIT University, Melbourne, Australia. Andrew's PhD research focus is German Corporate Governance. He teaches corporate governance, global business and business communication in RMITs School of Management and the School of Media and Communication. His research interests are: political economy, (corporate) governance, organisational communication, and business history.

Latest Articles by Andrew Linden

  1. Shareholder meeting

    11 November, 2019

    Shareholder activism might sound good, but it won’t change much

    Relying on shareholders to make corporations more accountable is misguided. There are far more direct and effective measures available.

  1. Melbourne, Australia

    9 July, 2018

    Solving deep problems with corporate governance requires more than rearranging deck chairs

    What is really required to fix Australian corporate governance is wholesale change in prudential regulation, corporate law, competition law, and electoral law, writes Andrew Linden.