Andrew Cave

Andrew Cave has written about business for The Daily Telegraph and Sunday Telegraph for 20 years, working as US business editor in New York and associate City editor in London. He writes profile interviews of chief executives for both papers and has penned two books: "The Secrets of CEOs", based on interviews with 200 global chief executives; and "Billions To Bust And Back", a biography of billionaire Thor Bjorgolfsson. Andrew also writes regular columns on leadership for Forbes magazine.

Latest Articles by Andrew Cave

  1. culture, corporate culture

    26 February, 2018

    Corporate culture: concept into focused action

    Culture has become a headline issue for companies but few seem to pay it more than lip service. How do you turn such an important issue into focused action?

  1. Unilever, cleaning products, household goods, consumer goods

    8 August, 2017

    Unilever’s takeover rejection becomes a turning point

    Unilever this year defeated a takeover bid from American rival Kraft. But the episode has prompted questions over the Anglo-Dutch group’s ability to maintain its much-envied sustainable business model.

  1. Rolls-Royce, aerospace, defence

    10 April, 2017

    Rolls-Royce: after the shocks and blows, can it get back on course?

    Rolls-Royce was once the darling of the aerospace sector. But heavy financial losses and a corruption scandal present challenges for the new CEO, and sheds light on risks and behaviour in the defence industry.

  1. A fork in the road

    3 January, 2017

    Barclays: A fork in the road

    Barclays has struggled to find the right leadership and has become embroiled in courtroom battles and investigations into employee conduct. What went wrong?

  1. VW badge

    20 December, 2016

    VW: restoring confidence

    Can Volkswagen recover from the corrosive effects of Dieselgate? Andrew Cave analyses what went wrong, what the company is doing to repair the damage and which direction it will now take.