Aleksandra Palinska

Aleksandra is senior policy adviser at EuropeanIssuers. She leads its policy work overseeing policy-related committees and working groups, organising member responses to EU consultations and monitoring EU policy developments. She has a strong background in economics with a Master’s degree from the University of Economics in Katowice, Poland, and a diploma in European Studies in Finance, Economics and Law European from the Warsaw School of Economics. Aleksandra's experience at Euroshareholders and the World Federation of Investors provides a deep understanding of investors’ needs and concerns.

Latest Articles by Aleksandra Palinska

  1. Short-termism, long-termism

    18 October, 2018

    How the revised shareholder directive will help overcome short-termism

    The EU’s amended Shareholder Rights Directive came into force in June 2017, and will be rolled out across member states by 2019. It aims to tackle short-termism among investors. But what are the law’s key elements?