24 February, 2017

Do company boards need an expert in cybersecurity and technology?

Cybersecurity is at the top of boardroom agendas. Stephen Bonner of Deloitte asks whether boards need a member who is a dedicated cyber expert.

Airbnb disruptive technology

10 February, 2017

Three ways to get ahead of the digital competition

Leaders seeking to capture value and gain a competitive edge in the digital age need to expect the unexpected.

10 February, 2017

IT leaders and board members split over responsibility for cybersecurity

Research reveals disparity over who is responsible in the event of an attack on company IT systems.

7 February, 2017

Lack of cybersecurity expertise on FTSE 100 boards ‘alarming’

Just one in 20 FTSE 100 companies have board members with a specific cybersecurity or technology specialism, according to Deloitte.

14 January, 2017

2017: Key issues in the year ahead

The PM's green paper, technology, responsible leadership and Brexit: experts highlight the issues they see as most important for corporate governance and leadership in the next 12 months.


19 December, 2016


Attacks on the IT infrastructure of major companies hit the headlines on an almost daily basis. James McAlister argues the risk can be mitigated, but boards need to stay informed and ensure their organisations are prepared.

Richard Fenning, Control Risks

16 December, 2016

Cyber: the nuclear option

Richard Fenning, chief executive of Control Risks, argues that digitalisation will bring many threats, but the benefits will prevail.

Richard Fenning, Control Risks

13 December, 2016

Companies face ‘strategic uncertainty’ in 2017

Risk advisors reveals a year of extreme uncertainty ahead, with companies faced with choosing one of three strategies to work through geopolitical upheaval.


13 December, 2016

Artificial intelligence revolution

Artificial intelligence (AI) is touted as the next big disruptive force in technology that will transform public services and business. Olly Buston assesses the benefits and risks.

Global internet censorship

9 December, 2016

Bars to geo-blocking mooted

The EC has proposed new rules on geo-blocking by online traders and content publishers.