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26 June, 2017

What’s next for corporate reporting: the technology question

The future of corporate reporting is a subject attracting much debate and activity in recent years. A new report from the ICAEW captures the views of key stakeholders, and finds that technology is central to the discussion.

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24 April, 2017

All employees should be given digital skills

Business in the Community and Accenture call on companies to ensure their employees are fit for the coming digital revolution, by providing them with the right skills.


21 April, 2017

How robotics can bring UK manufacturing up to speed

The use of robots and automation is growing but the UK lags behind other countries. What is needed is leadership to define a vision for manufacturing in the future, says Mike Wilson.


3 April, 2017

Blockchain: the technology of choice for decentralised, secure transactions

With the exponential growth of non-cash transactions and digital currencies such as Bitcoin, the need for a decentralised system is paramount. Enter blockchain.

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27 March, 2017

Why every business needs a digital strategy

Technology is an increasingly crucial element of business models. Nick Elverston and Amanda Hale of law firm Ashurst explore key questions when preparing a digital strategy.

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27 March, 2017

Flexibility is key for the digital boardroom

Boardrooms need a secure and foolproof approach to managing sensitive company information, says Mark Edge, UK MD of Brainloop.

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27 March, 2017

Boardrooms should heed new frontiers in personal data security

Personal data security is increasingly important, but many companies may not be ready to comply with tougher data protection laws.

communication technology

27 March, 2017

Technology key to secure boardroom communication

A communications gap in the boardroom will only get wider unless members embrace new technology, says Blake Stephenson, Nasdaq Corporate Solutions.

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27 March, 2017

Why culture matters with digital start-up collaboration

Digital collaboration between a large, traditional company and a technology start-up could be the beginning of a beautiful relationship—as long as careful consideration is given to the compatibility of corporate culture and values.


21 March, 2017

Google apologises to advertisers in move to protect reputation

Google announces new measures and tightened rules after advertisers complain that content on YouTube was positioned alongside hate videos.