27 February, 2017

Personal moral values key to ethical corporate governance

Moral values are so important for company directors they should be given equal weighting in selection procedures, while ethical competency should be a key performance indicator.

3 November, 2015

Critical distance

New non-executives must have their areas of expertise but must also understand the "none-too-subtle" tension between challenging management and knowing what's going on inside their companies.

boardroom, chairman

23 September, 2015

Should it be lonely to be a CEO?

It can be a solitary role being chief executive, but there is support available from the chairman, mentors and coaches.

2 September, 2015

New beginnings

Achieving the Davies Review target of women making up 25% of board membership in the FTSE 100 forced many first-time appointments. But what should women be doing to launch their non-executive careers?

Brain bias.

23 August, 2015

Brain bias: Think before your next appointment

Your brain may fool you into accepting poor appointments, so what should you do about it?


13 August, 2015

Red tape and diversity giving boards a headache

Despite an increase in economic confidence, one-third of boards will fail to meet the gender target for women.


7 August, 2015

Female non-executives increase at FTSE 350 companies

The proportion of new female non-executive directors increased significantly last year to 39%.

14 May, 2015

McDonald’s under pressure over governance

Chairman’s age and tenure on the company’s governance committee have come under scrutiny.