Morrisons supermarkets

16 June, 2017

Morrisons’ chairman clashes with shareholders over directors’ pay

Shareholders revolt over Morrisons' executive remuneration report, which shows a potential rise in pay for CEO David Potts to £5.3m.

Office perks, slide

25 May, 2017

Giving out perks doesn’t necessarily lead to results

Paying executives extra doesn't guarantee optimum performance. It's a question of balance, argue Jenni Henderson and Josh Nicholas.

Larry Fink, BlackRock

22 May, 2017

Philanthropist challenges BlackRock over executive pay voting

Shareholder calls on world's largest fund manger to bring voting on executive pay in line with other investment managers.

executive pay, remuneration

26 April, 2017

Pay consultant argues LTIPs are ‘effective’, despite calls to end them

Remuneration consultant Mercer Kepler insists that long-term incentive plans are an "effective" executive pay approach after MPs demand no new LTIPs in 2018.

Bob Dudley, BP

7 April, 2017

BP cuts chief executive’s pay package by 40%

Oil company's remuneration committee chairman decides on "discretion" for chief executive's pay after consulting with shareholders.

executive pay reform

7 April, 2017

Transparency should be at the heart of executive pay reform

Executive pay levels have caused rows and debate across Europe. The answer for many is increased transparency.

C-suite incentives

24 March, 2017

The right C-suite incentive structure makes firms smarter

Guoli Chen of INSEAD assesses top-level managerial contractual design from a long-term strategy perspective.

Crest Nicholson

24 March, 2017

Crest Nicholson suffers shareholder revolt over pay

Housebuilder Crest Nicholson is said to be "consulting" after shareholders voted against changes to the company's executive pay plan.

executive pay, pay

21 March, 2017

Executive pay: time to revolutionise a faulty system

Executive pay is a minefield for both companies and directors, but research suggests we need a fresh approach so that remuneration is fairly structured.

gender pay gap

28 February, 2017

Gender pay gap regulation looms for large UK companies

In a bid to tackle the gender pay gap, large companies in the UK will be obliged to publish annual gender-based pay statistics from April 2017.