20 June, 2017

European survey to reveal how boards are shaping corporate culture

A partnership between Board Agenda, Mazars and INSEAD aims to uncover how companies embed corporate culture, how it is monitored and whether the links between culture and performance are understood.

digital communication, digital leadership

15 May, 2017

Eleven leadership guidelines for the digital age

The old ways of running a company won’t cut it in a digital world, argue Liri Andersson and Ludo Van der Heyden of INSEAD.

business woman, leadership, talent

12 May, 2017

Just one in ten companies do leadership strategy well, says survey

Survey finds that while most directors believe leadership and talent development is a boardroom responsibility, few believe companies are doing it well.

Narcissist, Donald Trump

24 April, 2017

How to spot the narcissist in the boardroom

Manipulative, self-centred, ruthless—power-hungry leaders will put their own interests before those of the organisation they serve. Katharina Balazs explains how to recognise and deal with the narcissist in your midst.


20 March, 2017

Leadership is all about setting the right tone at the top

Striking the right tone is important for company leadership but it needs action to make it work.

crisis management

23 August, 2015

Coping without a CEO

The sudden departure of a CEO, such as the exit of Antony Jenkins from Barclays, can leave an organisation bereft. What is the role of non-executives when no one appears to be at the helm?