executive pay reform

7 April, 2017

Transparency should be at the heart of executive pay reform

Executive pay levels have caused rows and debate across Europe. The answer for many is increased transparency.

boardroom meeting

5 January, 2017

Workers on boards

Employees in British boardrooms remains a topic for debate in the UK. Lynn Strongin Dodds investigates models across Europe and learns that there is no “one-size-fits-all”.

people together

6 December, 2016

Build your company’s future on trust

Now, more than ever, boards need to repair and rebuild public trust. The answer lies in looking beyond profit and compliance, argues Turid E. Solvang.

European flag

16 July, 2015

FRC responds to governance recommendations

UK watchdog tells commission it will be monitoring the quality of explanations from companies when they fail to comply with corporate governance code.