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15 May, 2017

Ethical ‘lapses’ driving more CEO departures, says study

More chief executives are being ousted from their roles for "ethical lapses", due to tightening regulation and governance, digital communications, the 24-hour news cycle and increased activity in developing economies.


20 March, 2017

Leadership is all about setting the right tone at the top

Striking the right tone is important for company leadership but it needs action to make it work.

27 February, 2017

Personal moral values key to ethical corporate governance

Moral values are so important for company directors they should be given equal weighting in selection procedures, while ethical competency should be a key performance indicator.

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1 November, 2016

Empowerment, not punishment, fuels ethical behaviour

To promote ethical behaviour, companies should emphasise community, not just consequences.

corporate crime

26 September, 2016

Corporate bosses could soon take the rap for staff criminality

The proposed criminal finance bill means it's time for company directors to come up with adequate procedures against money laundering, false accounting and fraud.

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19 July, 2016

Boards fail to describe preferred culture

Survey reveals a third of boards have not defined the culture they want among employees, while one-fifth say culture is included as an aspect of their audit.

28 June, 2016

Diversity disclosure improvements in US required, says financial watchdog

SEC chief warns that a new rule demanding more diversity disclosure is on its way for US companies.

1 June, 2016

Titanic lessons to be learned

Non-executives need to set the right course to prevent corporate titans from sinking like the Titanic in environmental disaster.

23 October, 2015

It’s all in the emphasis

Companies using the UK Corporate Governance Code work hard to show whether they have complied, but focus little on ethics, values and "how" they have complied.


23 August, 2015

The trust gap and diversity

Tackling questions of diversity may be hard, but Raj Tulsiani argues that it's essential for companies if they want to be relevant in the future.