20 March, 2017

Leadership is all about setting the right tone at the top

Striking the right tone is important for company leadership but it needs action to make it work.

Business behaviour, ethics

1 November, 2016

Empowerment, not punishment, fuels ethical behaviour

To promote ethical behaviour, companies should emphasise community, not just consequences.

20 July, 2016

Non-executives ‘influential’ on corporate culture but worried by information

The UK's financial watchdog has released its anticipated report on corporate culture. It concludes non-executives have a significant role but reveals concerns that they often fail to access the right information.

male boards

19 July, 2016

Boards fail to describe preferred culture

Survey reveals a third of boards have not defined the culture they want among employees, while one-fifth say culture is included as an aspect of their audit.

1 May, 2016

Agents for positive change

Internal auditors can help support the development of a company's values. Peter Montagnon describes how they can be agents for positive change.


13 August, 2015

Red tape and diversity giving boards a headache

Despite an increase in economic confidence, one-third of boards will fail to meet the gender target for women.

risk management

3 August, 2015

Third-party failure could cause losses of up to ten times any regulatory fine

Failing to appropriately identify and manage third parties could cost shareholders up to £650m, claims Deloitte.


15 May, 2015

Executive pay should link to performance, says fund manager

Pay linked to performance would be more realistic than setting upper limits, says Fidelity's global chief investment officer.