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6 September, 2017

Dutch company boards failing to meet female quotas

The number of women with executive positions on the boards of Dutch companies has fallen for the second year running, leaving many of them short of the targets set by the Netherlands government and th...

27 March, 2017

Diversity now means more than gender

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1 February, 2017

Why women struggle with shorter boardroom tenure

Much has been made of recent progress in appointing women to company boards in the UK, particularly in the FTSE 100. However, for a woman, being appointed to the board is only half the problem. Stayin...
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19 December, 2016

Top UK companies short of BAME directors

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Michelle Edkins

14 December, 2016

Invest in people

12 December, 2016

Ethnic diversity in the boardroom falls

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23 November, 2016

May dilutes pledge to get more workers on boards

Theresa May told business leaders at the CBI conference this week that the UK government will not force companies to directly appoint workers or consumers on to their boards, watering down an earlier ...
Theresa May, prime minister

11 October, 2016

PM: Too few women reach the top in financial services

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19 September, 2016

MPs launch governance inquiry

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27 May, 2016

Why gender diversity pays

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