INSEAD: Board Chairs' Practices across Countries: Commonalities, Differences and Future Trends

14 September, 2017

Board Chairs’ Practices across Countries: Commonalities, Differences and Future Trends

In this new survey report, the research team conducted interviews with professional chairs in different parts of the world to identify and compare specific practices and instruments used in different ...

13 March, 2017

Governing culture: practical considerations for the board and its committees

Corporate culture has been a hot topic for some time now, and boards are now asking themselves more than ever how they can ensure proper oversight. The board of directors is ultimately responsible for...

13 March, 2017

Annual reporting in 2015: evolving communication in a changing world

Annual reporting in 2015: evolving communication in a changing world is the third edition of EY’s annual review of FTSE 350 annual reports and accounts (ARAs). This foll...

31 January, 2017

Corporate Governance for a Changing World: Report of a Global Roundtable Series

This report is the result of a two-year global roundtable series organised by Frank Bold and Cass Business School. It presents an emerging comprehensive approach to corporate governance that can assis...

26 January, 2017

The Hidden Costs of Board Books

Brainloop reveals the avoidable risk and cost of printed board meeting materials. FTSE 100 and 250 companies are burning a huge £40,581 a year developing and distributing board books. This infographi...

25 January, 2017

Corporate Culture and the Role of Boards

This report seeks to address how boards and executive management can steer corporate behaviour to create a culture that will deliver sustainable good performance. This report looks at the increasing ...
Brainloop–Digitalisation of Board Processes

25 January, 2017

Digitalisation of Board Processes – Opportunity to improve board effectiveness

Today’s board confronts significant oversight accountability – alongside personal liability – that’s part and parcel of an increasingly complex compliance landscape.

24 January, 2017

Better Board Papers: Opportunity to improve Board effectiveness

Good-quality board papers provide a platform for soundly based decision-making, while poor-quality papers will defeat even the best-intentioned Board. Company Secretaries face an ongoing...

3 November, 2016

Business Services Outlook – 2015

Business Services Outlook 2015 examines current and anticipated trends likely to affect business services providers in 2015. Its aim is to inform strategic thinking in the sector and explain how the k...

2 November, 2016

Annual Review of Corporate Reporting: FRC 2016

This report is part of a series, following earlier reports on developments in corporate governance and audit. It provides the FRC’s assessment of corporate reporting in the UK based on broad outreac...