The Secret Ned

The Secret Ned is a current British board director with 30 years’ experience, who has worked on boards in the FTSE250, small-cap companies and private, family-owned businesses.

Latest Articles by The Secret Ned

  1. New NED in boardroom

    24 December, 2016

    The Secret NED: Welcome, Newbies

    You may be an experienced operator, but it doesn’t mean you can skip reading your board papers or assume you know everything, says the Secret NED.

  1. Secret NED

    19 May, 2017

    The Secret NED on the trials of the remuneration chair

    It's undoubtedly a tough job, especially in this pay-sensitive climate. So why would anyone want to be remuneration chair? The Secret NED mulls it over.

  1. technology, robotics, artificial intelligence, secret ned

    11 September, 2017

    The Secret Ned: how boards can keep RoboNed at bay

    The Secret Ned asks: why do boards "keep getting got" by digital technology? It's time to wake up to the strategic opportunities it presents, and, non-execs, to keep your job safe from RoboNed.